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Penn Policy Consulting Group Interviews UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

March 2021

The Penn Policy Consulting Group (PPC) at the University of Pennsylvania sat down for an exclusive interview with former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon virtually and in-person, where they spoke about his career in diplomacy and the role of youth actors in shepherding global change.

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Disarmament and Peace: PPC's Virtual Event Seoul for UNODA

November 2020

Penn Policy Consulting Group's Leadership helped host "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Academic Lecture 2020: Disarmament and Peacefor the United Nations Office on Disarmament Affairs to educate Korean youth on disarmament importance and nuances.


Youth Involvement with Disarmament

December 2019

Penn Policy Consulting Group's Global Affairs team attended six meetings with UN Missions in New York City to discuss the current state of disarmament in global affairs.


PPC Local Fights Lead Poisoning in Philly

November 2019

Penn Policy Consulting Group's Local Affairs team presents its 7-page policy report on combating lead poisoning in Philadelphia to State Representatives, State Senators, and City Council members. 

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PPC Federal's Take on Gerrymandering

November 2019

Penn Policy Consulting Group's Federal Affairs team presented its research and bipartisan solutions to gerrymandering to leaders, legislative staffers, and Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.


Youth Participation in Peacebuilding Education

September 2019

The PPC Board had the honor of presenting an advanced policy report titled “Youth Participation in Peacebuilding Education” to the UN Global Coalition on Youth, Peace, & Security, diplomats from EU Delegation and their Member States, and South Korea Ambassador Cho Tae-yul.


United Nations Project Updates


Learn about PPC's Capitol Hill event and advocacy for U.S. funding and commitment to the UN.

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Interview with EU Ambassador O'Sullivan Debrief

October 2018

Messages for young people from European Union Ambassador to the United States David O'Sullivan.


United Nations


October 2018

Learn about PPC's Capitol Hill event and advocacy for U.S. funding and commitment to the UN.  


Policy Presentations at the UN

August 2018

Learn about PPC leadership's exciting policy engagement with UN staff members and Permanent Missions - many of which serve in the Security and Human Rights Council.


S.N.A.P. Policy


May 2018

Learn more about PPC's policy research work on SNAP and U.S. Middle East Strategy for the May event. PPC represented Penn Education Society as a client and partner for policy presentations on SNAP.  


Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) Interview Debrief

Spring 2018

Messages for young people from Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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Congressman Brady (D-PA) Interview Debrief

May 2018

Summary of frank and open Q & As about public service with Congressman Brady, a long-time representative of Philadelphia region.


CHIP & Airport Revenues Debrief

December 2018

Update on PPC's work in fall 2018 - interviews with Senator Casey and Johnson as well as policy presentations on Children's Health Insurance Program, and Airport Revenue.


PPC Website Launch


PPC is pleased to have updated this new website; updates and news will be periodically published in the News section.