Meet Our

Federal Committee


Having been recently restructured, the Federal Committee introduces PPC's newest members to work on Capitol Hill. The Federal Committee's aim is to research and develop solutions to the nation's most urgent problems. 

Currently, the Federal Committee is tackling two pervasive issues of qualified immunity and increased broadband access. After finishing their briefs, they will be virtually presenting their research to Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill.  

2020-2021 Federal Committee

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VP of Federal Committee

Joe Anderson is a freshman planning to major in Philosophy, Politics, Economics. Originally from Elk River, Minnesota, Joe has a passion for politics that began with his involvement in the state legislature, and grew with his national advocacy on expanding child care and community health programs. He is passionate about social policy, and has particular interest in agriculture and transportation issues. In high school, Joe participated in speech and debate, and spent his Junior year interning on a congressional campaign in Minnesota's 8th district, on Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range. In his free time, Joe enjoys going on runs and talking politics with friends. In addition to PPC, Joe is a member of the Penn Debate Society, the Government and Politics Association, and Penn Democrats.

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VP of Federal Committee

Celia Kreth is freshman from Little Rock, Arkansas, planning to major in Communications and Public Service in the College of Arts and Sciences through the Annenberg School of Communication. Throughout high school, Celia was involved in various political organizations having served as a United States Senate Page, worked for the Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, and was a delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program. Aside from PPC, at Penn, Celia is a staff writer for The Daily Pennsylvanian and a part of the Wharton Public Policy Initiative Student Group as well as the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal.

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Marc Edayadi is a freshman from Long Island, New York planning to major in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE). His passion for politics stemmed from his experience as a Deputy Field Organizer for several New York State Senate campaigns. His policy interests are centered around electoral reform as well as economic policies related to welfare state. At Penn, he is also involved in Moot Court, Model Congress, the Government and Politics Association (GPA) and Wharton Undergraduates in Public Policy (WUPP). In his free time he enjoys talking about travel and his favorite TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. 



Jonathan Zou is a first-year from Ann Arbor, Michigan pursuing a major in Materials Science and Engineering and a minor in Computer Information Science. Unlike pretty much all of his fellow associates, Jonathan didn’t have experience working in policy before Penn but is passionate about housing gentrification and healthcare policy. In addition to PPC, Jonathan is a board member on the Engineering Deans’ Advisory Board and an Insights Research Analyst for Global Research and Consulting. During his free time, you can find him setting muffins on fire while trying to bake, spending astronomic amounts of money on exploring new foods, and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy. 



Ashley Song is a freshman from Clarksville, Tennessee in The Wharton School with intended concentrations in Decision Processes and Legal Studies. Ashley is passionate about politics, economic policy, and foreign relations. During her senior year of high school, Ashley was selected to represent her state as a United States Senate Youth Delegate, where she had the ability to meet high-level government officials and develop her interests in public policy. Outside of PPC, Ashley is involved in Penn International Impact Consulting, Wharton Women, Wharton Ambassadors, and the Undergraduate Assembly. 

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Joshua Rose is currently a sophomore at Penn originally from Walla Walla, Washington, and majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and Classics, with a minor in Chinese. His academic interests lie in international diplomacy and trade, political philosophy, and classical civilizations. In addition to his involvement with PPC, Joshua is the VP Internal of Penn's Government and Politics Association, and also involved with Penn's Undergraduate Law Journal, The Philomathean Society, and Penn AAPI Politics. In his free time, Joshua enjoys watching basketball and movies.



Tej Gedela is a freshman from Raleigh, North Carolina, who currently plans on majoring in Biology and Economics. In addition to PPC, he is Penn Leads the Vote's Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator. He also works in a lab focusing on business analytics for climate change and sustainable energy, and coaches high school debate.

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Daniel Da is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania from Seattle, Washington with a prospective major in Economics and a minor in Computer Science. In high school, he conducted anthropological and social justice research with professors in China and various non-profit organizations. In addition to PPC, he is involved with the Penn Symphony Orchestra and the Chinese Student Association. In his free time, Daniel likes to listen to music, play the violin, hike, and swim.